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For each of us, philanthropy is intensely personal. It is an expression of our values and our vision of the world we hope to create for the next generation. Your support of AAUW today makes it possible for us to fund critical programs to help break through the persistent barriers that continue to limit opportunities for women and girls. But when you plan a gift to AAUW in your long-term estate or financial plans, you will ensure future with changes that are so important to women and their families. Use the links below to learn more about estate planning, how you can include a gift to us as part of those plans and how you can benefit from your gift.

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Why We Give

"I think AAUW is making a big difference today," Susan says. "I've grown to appreciate the important fellowships and grants that AAUW gives every year, allowing women to achieve amazing educational endeavors, and then become examples to young women as mentors and 'stars' of what women can achieve."

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